Tuesday, November 30, 2010

On Wednesday 1st December the Irish Writers' Centre presents an open panel discussion on how the current economic climate is affecting modern writing in Ireland.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Procrastinating Slave

Another kick
another beating down
across the sweating brow
across the lionless pride
the same work
the same day
over and over
over a barrel
for the less pay
for no gains
the procrastinating slave
the low wage serf
mumbling grave grievances
mumbling red flag revolutions
but all the while toiling
but all the while compliance
another unjust tax
another ill informed law
shout at the television
shout at the headline banner
nothing said to the faceless
nothing screamed at the wall
the wall of sham democracy
the faceless unelected rulers
same day
same year after year
over a barrel
over and over
all the while losing self-worth
all the while working toward slavery

The Money Counters

Even the jokes have lost their pitch
So much greed in the blood
boom and burst like a twenty year itch
the amoral minority leeching
from the translucent skin of ever citizen

Self satirising money whores
counting their coin like a typecast Jew
in a Nazi propaganda film
Self-proclaimed titles on closed doors
The rhetoric of the Age dripping from lip

Protagonists propagating
systems of honour without honour


Below are the white crosses sown in the fields
of Passiondale and Normandy

Those soldiers of two terrible wars
might spin in their claustrophobic Hades

Open skull mouth anguish
all that blood and pain was for nought

The flags of Nations are lowered
cowed down … unsung songs … unheard voices

A Leviathan has risen unchecked
a Monster not of weak flesh like Hitler

This creature is made of ideas and ideals
unobtainable but for numbers on a page

Those numbers were once people
now to be altered … deleted … moved on

No army can be sent to defeat this Thing
we have created from bureaucracy and corruption

Where every dictator has failed
It brings unanimity and slavery to the free

The Stupid Cow

She follows untethered
not heeding the passing signs
even the distant shape of the abattoir
that loom like a black hole
in an otherwise pleasant blue sky
goes unnoticed by her happy eyes

Oblivious she follows the fools
that lead in a long line
ordered and numbered so that
the meat can be cleaved from the bone
with greater ease
and swallowed raw
with a pinch of salt to lessen the taste

Watching the fate of those in before
the Happy Cow waits in line
humming to herself a familiar tune
but not raising any protest
how the butchers laugh as they kill her
too late the panic in her eyes and the
scream frozen in her cut throat

Friday, November 5, 2010

Government to let them eat cheese


politics has now failed completely in Ireland it is time for our people to take to the streets and if necessary take phsical action to end this madness ... words fail me that Our Country has been brought down to this level
and a system of failed government and a heartless party of fools