Thursday, October 29, 2009


Of it all
the maddening ceaseless noise
a million humming birds drilling
for oil five inches behind you right ear
cute little fuckers
the bully buses breaking the stream of cars
taillight to taillight
you could walk on the flat metal heads
from here to wherever the city ends
if it ends
the sleepless walker will never get there
not through the rushing hours
with his entourage of humming birds in tow
and the drag factor of his lazy eyelids

you’d think the bastards would be in tune

Monday, October 26, 2009

Death of Democracy in Ireland 2009

Slogans mirror Stalinist walls
black and white
headlines avoiding any issues
any real issues
blurred by bullshit celebrity cultism
the rhetoric of the idiocracy nation
no culture unhomogenised
no individual unassimilated

The old tricks
slight of hand and lie in mouth
Smile - Grin
good suit and look to camera
and the plebs fall for it again
just different places
different forms of usurpation
a treaty a bill a right a vote
means nothing
just lip service to your liberties

The slobbering cow of bureaucracy
grazing on relentless
all the voices of disparity pushed aside
by the wallowing beast
vote yes – munch
vote no – munch munch
vote nothing and lie to yourself –
munch munch munch
it’s all a meaningless march
to the milking parlour
and the death of an ideal
I don’t believe has ever been realised

The Premiersh*ts

and now for those Premiership results in full:

Birmingham Bluenoses 2 – Sunderland 1
(Sunderland get a win due to having the handicap of Niall Quinn +2 goals)
Burnley 1 – Wigan 3
(good first division clash there)
Chelski (formally KGB FC) 5 – Blackburn Flatcaps 0
(Chelski win by technical poisoning)
Hull up North 0 – Portsloudmouth 0
(Portsloudmouth win there by a riot and two heads kicked in)
Tottenham Jews 0 – Whothefuckarewe Stoke 1
(Spurs failing to turn up for game)
Wolverhampton Wonders-what’s-for-tea 1 – Aston Villa 1
(still playing due to extended lunch break)
Bolton 3 – Everton 2
(win for the BNP candidate there)
Liverpool 2 cars set on fire – Man Scum-bags Utd 0 cars
(The Scumbags failing to steal anything in a disappointing ram raid)
Saudi Arabia City 2 – Egypt Mafia 2
(both teams had their feet cut off after the game)
West Ham Skins 2 – French B team 2
(no winners there!)

Monday, October 5, 2009


See my snot coloured hair
I don’t care
I don’t care
my jeans make a statement
my T-shirt is a protest
I got a cockring
it’s a shock thing
I am different
same as all my different friends
I’m a fashion punk
my clothes come pre-distressed
got no opinions
won’t riot in Italian boots
got no opposition
I’m a weekend anarchist
a vodka and lime atheist
a funny cigarette socialist
I don’t care
I don’t care
if you look at me
come look at me
this stuff is expensive
and don’t think
I care
don’t think
don’t care
and my cock hurts from this stupid ring!
but it’s alright
my snot coloured hair says
I don’t care