Monday, September 30, 2013

Today's Snippet from Cosmogonic Marbles

 From Chapter 7 ....

“What is it?” Vortigern asked of the God.
Abellio had a smirk on his face and took some time to answer, “In some places it is a death sentence, in others it brings forth new life,” he said, “in most it is nothing, a half caught illusion that would have faded by now leaving this boy bewildered.”
“As with all Gods,” said Vortigern, “you have a way of answering that answers nothing.”
Abellio allowed himself a little laugh. A billion calculations had gone through his Godly mind, like a chess computer setting a trap for a grand master.  Finally he replied.
 “It is, here, a gateway between two worlds, impossible in one and yet perfectly conceivable in another.  Do you believe in magic my King?”
“Yes,” stated Vortigern.
“Do you believe in the Gods also?” Abellio pressed.
“Yes, one is here with me,” stated Vortigern.
“Here is a world without Gods or magic,” said the God, “What is real for us exists only in the dreams of their children, and that will be our weapon.”
“You mean for us to pass through this magic door?” asked the Warlord.
Abellio was grinning now, a thousand pints of apple cider rushing through his timeless veins.
“My dear Vortigern, how would you like an empire greater than Rome?’ 

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