Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Review of Cosmogonic Marbles By Tony Fitzsimmons
Simply put, if you like your kicks on the surreal side, look no further. This title would sit comfortably with many in the Pratchett collection, and at times (usually after spilling my coffee over the sofa, sides split) was left wondering if It wasn't a hidden Adams'.
The characters fizzed with energy, thanks to some wonderfully anarchic prose.
By God, they do make 'em like they used to!
Bring on the sequels!
Review of Cosmogonic Marbles By Brendan Keogh
Can I play with Madness? Apparently so. An extremely entertaining read full of genuine surprises. I was, until about a third of the way through, unsure if the author had discovered a way to distil madness and form it into prose. I'm now reasonably sure he meant it that way but I'll need to read the sequels to be certain. The characters have depth and the storyline weaves together quite nicely without ever allowing you the comfort of seeing it coming.

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