Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What are the Botolf Chronicles?

            How long is a piece of string?  If one end is tied to your toe and the other to a wild rampaging bull you’d hope it was very long indeed. 
Such is the manner of philosophical quandary posed by the staff of Botolf-almost-Oxford, the fabled college at the centre of Steve Downes’ comic-fantasy books.  The Botolf Chronicles catalogue the series of bizarre (and quite frankly ridiculous but funny) events surrounding two twin brothers James and Philip Philips, two hapless men adrift in a sea of monsters, myth, mayhem and mad postmen. 
The Chronicles follow James and Philip as they struggle across several worlds and dimensions and largely fail to comprehend the vastness of the magical multi-verse in which they exist alongside dragons, wizards, hobgoblins and small children (but no vampires).
The Chronicles are three books: Cosmogonic Marbles … Tribal Warfare in Hemel Hampstead  … (and the other book!)
Written to be read and enjoyed, so read and enjoy. 

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