Monday, October 26, 2009

The Premiersh*ts

and now for those Premiership results in full:

Birmingham Bluenoses 2 – Sunderland 1
(Sunderland get a win due to having the handicap of Niall Quinn +2 goals)
Burnley 1 – Wigan 3
(good first division clash there)
Chelski (formally KGB FC) 5 – Blackburn Flatcaps 0
(Chelski win by technical poisoning)
Hull up North 0 – Portsloudmouth 0
(Portsloudmouth win there by a riot and two heads kicked in)
Tottenham Jews 0 – Whothefuckarewe Stoke 1
(Spurs failing to turn up for game)
Wolverhampton Wonders-what’s-for-tea 1 – Aston Villa 1
(still playing due to extended lunch break)
Bolton 3 – Everton 2
(win for the BNP candidate there)
Liverpool 2 cars set on fire – Man Scum-bags Utd 0 cars
(The Scumbags failing to steal anything in a disappointing ram raid)
Saudi Arabia City 2 – Egypt Mafia 2
(both teams had their feet cut off after the game)
West Ham Skins 2 – French B team 2
(no winners there!)

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